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Fredericton Painters

LDG Industriel offers home and business owners in and around Fredericton, New Brunswick complete industrial, commercial, and house painting services. Serving Fredericton, Moncton, Saint John, Dieppe, Woodstock, Oromocto, and surrounding communities, our Fredericton painters bring affordable skilled painting solutions to any size or scale job, for interiors, exteriors and everything in between. Our comprehensive industrial painting services are suitable for any kind of manufacturing facility, metal deck ceilings, industrial machinery and equipment, storage tank and silos, and more. Our commercial painting team specializes in creating attractive commercial environments and have brought their skilled work to office buildings, high and low-rise structures, restaurants, retail stores, parking garages, churches, schools, barns, and many other commercial settings.

Our talented Fredericton painters use state of the art painting equipment and methods to guarantee impressive house painting results for our clients. In addition to a commitment to providing the best painting services for commercial, industrial and residential properties, our fully insured and certified painters offer durable epoxy floor coatings and professional sandblasting services. Our Fredericton painters guarantee quality painting services that will enhance the appearance, lifespan and value of any house, or industrial or commercial building, and all of our quality painting services are backed up with a 100% satisfaction guarantee! To book LDG Industriel's commercial painting, industrial painting, house painting, epoxy floor coatings, or sandblasting services, contact our Fredericton painters today. You can also learn more about our company and take a look our gallery of painting projects, or read some of the reviews from our clients by browsing our website.

Contact Us

Contact Our Fredericton Painters

Our Fredericton painters work closely with all of our residential, industrial, and commercial clients to help them achieve the best results for all their home and business painting needs. Contact us for a free in-home or on-site consultation and quote!

Contact Us

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